THE MAKERY Craft Kits!

THE MAKERY is a fabulous little company based in the City of Bath, England. Their Craft Kits are all about enjoying the lovely sense of fulfillment from making things ourselves.
They want to show you how to save yourself money and hopefully be less dependent on big faceless corporations. If you can make it yourself, you won’t need to buy it. If itʼs broken and you can mend it, you won’t need to replace it. If it’s old and you can reinvent it, you won’t need to update it! Like the idea? It makes perfect sense to us!
Stags Heads are all the rage  - why not make your own or help your child make one for their room?
And then there's the ever useful clasp purse. Almost everyone could use one of these and they couldn't be cuter!
Happy sewing!
Send us a photo of your Craft Kit creation and we'll enter you into a monthly draw for a  $20 gift certificate to spend at

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